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Frequently Asked QuestionsQuestions need answering, especially when they are asked frequently!

Lighter Advisory is a real estate advisory primarily focused on creating a delightful customer experience. We walk with you through the entire journey of finding, exploring and buying or renting the perfect property as per your needs.
We realise that finding a property is not an easy task. Lighter Advisory came into existence to simplify the real estate transaction experience. Lighter Advisory provides the entire gamut of real estate services, and it is the only stop you ever need to visit for your real estate needs.
Lighter Advisory in the Kannada language means a close relationship formed people. Building this cordial relationship between people is possible only if both parties are introduced to each other in the right manner. We at Lighter Advisory believe that any real estate transaction needs to be cordial, transparent and respectful, and we help you connect with your future clients so you can build and everlasting relationship.

Lighter Advisory is a prop-tech startup which originated from the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru. Lighter Advisory was built by a young and relentless technology-focused team that wanted to revolutionize real estate.

Lighter Advisory initially started by selling homes and proudly handed over hundreds of keys to customer’s dream homes.

Beegad Kai (Meaning ‘Key’ in Kannada) + Bengaluru ( City of Origin ) = Lighter Advisory
We do not charge customers if the property is sold through a developer. Lighter Advisory charges customers only if it is a resale property, landowner property or an independent property. We charge either side for rentals and other property related transaction facilitation.Our other value-added services such as legal services, documentation, etc., will be charged on mutually agreed terms.
You can call us, and we will assign a dedicated Property Advisor to you, who will help you with your property needs.
You can call us and give us the property requirement details and we will begin your search. You can also upload your property requirements on our website here.
Call Lighter Advisory Customer Happiness Centre Toll Free at 18005720999 or you can WhatsApp us on +91 9980775599.
You can call or WhatsApp us at +91 99807 75599 or mail us at mail@Lighter Advisory.com
  1. Call us and let us know your requirements or check out our website.
  2. If you choose to check our website, select the property that meets your criteria and drop an inquiry / let us know if you have any unique requirements.
  3. Our team will analyse your requirements and suggest you a list of properties.
  4. You can go on a site visit of the selected properties with our relationship managers who will explain all the properties in detail, so you can make the right decision.
  5. After you book the property, Lighter Advisory can also help you with the transaction, property loan assistance, registration process and interiors.
We analyse your requirement based on a few metrics such as:
  1. Location
  2. Pricing
  3. Type of property you are comfortable with (Eg: Apartment, Villa, etc.)
  4. Amenities you need/want
  5. Civic infrastructure ( Eg: Metro, Highway connection, etc.,)
  6. Purpose of buying the property (Eg: end-use, rental income, investment)
  7. Any unique requirements that you have
Yes, we facilitate home loan services.
Lighter Advisory assists you with services such as legal, documentation, loan facilitation, liaising, civil construction, interior design, architectural services, NRI property assistance and professional accountant services. If you require any specific real estate service, please get in touch with us.
Bengaluru and Mysuru. Yet you can send us your requirements from anywhere in the world. In the meanwhile, we can connect you to our associates in your location.
You can call or WhatsApp us at +91 99807 75599 or mail us at mail@Lighter Advisory.com
We are registered Channel Partners with all developers and landowners. We furnish project details, facilitate site visits and walk you through the entire process of buying or renting the perfect property as per your needs.
We came into existence with the idea of bringing transparency in real estate, so you can have all the facts about all the properties in one platform. We know what is the best deal that the developer can offer you on any project, hence we ensure that you get a better deal through us than anyone else. We know vicinities better than anyone in the market, as we are associated with a lot of developers & landowners in various neighborhoods. With our network and experience, we can help you to select the right property at the right price.
No. Lighter Advisory does not deal with properties with any legal dispute. We want to make the experience of real estate, hassle free.

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